WAR Catch Wrestling is a real “crash course” in the fundamentals of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling and showcases the holds and techniques shown to MMA legends Josh Barnett, Kazushi Sakuraba, and the roster of fighters in the UWFiUWFi was a shoot style professional wrestling promotion in Japan from 1991 to 1996. Coach Billy Robinson was an instructor and Head Coach at the renowned UWF Snake Pit Japan gym in Tokyo after he retired from the ring in 1992. As Head Coach he tutored many MMA legends and shoot-style professional wrestlers in the art of catch-as-catch-can wrestling, including Josh Barnett, Kazushi Sakuraba, Kiyoshi Tamura, Yuko Miyato, and Yoji Anjo. by legendary coach Billy Robinson!


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 Catch Wrestling Expert Jake Shannon Weighs In On The Sport’s Crossover Into MMA

 MMA Weekly     December 4, 2014     Add comment

Suffice it to say that without catch wrestling there would be no mixed martial arts. Catch wrestling’s influence in the American amateur circuit and its profound effect on the Japanese pro wrestling scene have helped shape the development of MMA into what it is… Read More

 Sherdog Rewind: An Interview with Billy Robinson

 Sherdog     April 8, 2014     Add comment

Billy Robinson died in his sleep on March 3, and the combat sports world lost its last living link to an era of catch-as-catch-can submission wrestling competitions that packed rugby stadiums in England in the first half of the 20th century. The hard-charging… Read More

 Harry Smith remembers Billy Robinson

 SLAM! Sports     March 12, 2014     Add comment

Harry Smith is a third-generation professional wrestler, a star in New Japan, and addicted to learning more about his craft. To further his training, he sought out Billy Robinson for further tutoring on the grappling game. Today, he shares some of the lessons… Read More

 Wrestling Greats Remember Billy Robinson

 Fightland     March 10, 2014     Add comment

Earlier this month, Billy Robinson, a hallowed name in pro wrestling circles, a man who built a reputation grappling for the entertainment of others through more than four decades, passed away. But Billy Robinson wasn’t just a pro wrestler. Beneath the gloss… Read More

 Billy Robinson’s legacy: A Godfather of the Japanese MMA/pro-wrestling connection

 FightOpinion     March 4, 2014     Add comment

Goodbye, Billy Robinson. If you haven’t heard the news, the Human Windmill died in Little Rock, Arkansas. Most people reading this article will have little knowledge of who Billy Robinson was or what he represented to the combat sports scene in Japan… Read More

 Rest in Peace Billy Robinson

 SuperLuchas     March 4, 2014     Add comment

Billy Robinson, the legendary Catch Wrestling coach from Manchester, England, died yesterday at the age of 74, while he slept. Robinson was well known in Japan for having contributed to the evolution of mixed martial arts and shoot wrestling… Read More

 Billy Robinson passes away

 WWE     March 3, 2014     Add comment

WWE is saddened by the news that Billy Robinson has passed away. Equally influential as a submission specialist and a trainer of Hall of Fame talent, Robinson was a champion amateur wrestler in England in the 1950s before learning the dangerous art of catch… Read More

 My Afternoon with Billy Robinson

 Cage Passion Sports     March 3, 2014     Add comment

“GUYS!” I heard this in my nightmares for weeks. A thick, hoarse, British accent bellowed this word throughout a church gym in southern Kentucky. “If you don’t pivot you’re going to drop him on his skull,” the voice said in a lower voice, as opposed to the urgent… Read More

 Gods of War: Kazushi Sakuraba

 Bloody Elbow     September 13, 2013     Add comment

An iconic fighter, Sakuraba was aggressive, charismatic, amazingly skilled, and too tough for his own good. Sakuraba’s ability and flair for the dramatic would make him one of the most beloved MMA fighters in history. When looking at MMA fighters who have… Read More

 Billy Robinson – The Man Behind The Gracie Killer

 View From Another Corner     August 9, 2011     Add comment

Many MMA fans are only vaguely aware of Billy Robinson. One of the old breed of British Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestlers, who were the underpinning of the old school territories system back in the 1970’s professional wrestling scene, he was and still is a legitimate… Read More

 Josh Barnett 4/08/2007 Interview

 Scientific Wrestling     April 8, 2007     Add comment

I caught up with MMA main-eventer Josh Barnett at the latest Scientific Wrestling clinic featuring Billy Robinson. GONG Magazine in Japan asked me to interview him and this is the exclusive English version. SW: How did you meet Billy Robinson? JB: I met… Read More


 UWF Snake Pit Japan     June 13, 2003     Add comment

1938年9月18日、英国マンチェスター生まれ。少年時代からレスリングとボクシングに打ち込み、“蛇の穴=スネークピット”と恐れられる「ビリー・ライレー・ジム」に入門。 先輩カール・ゴッチ、ビリー・ジョイスらとともに汗を流す。60年代前半は、ヨーロッパ・マット… Read More

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